New Partnership Announced Between Consumer Reports and Kia for 2024 Summer Sticker Sales Event

June 5, 2024

YGS is thrilled to announce their support in an incredible new partnership between Consumer Reports and Kia for the highly anticipated 2024 Summer Sticker Sales Event. This collaboration is set to deliver outstanding results for all organizations, bringing exceptional value to the publisher, business, and consumers across the country.

The 2024 Summer Sticker Sales Event will feature a wide range of Kia vehicles that have been recognized as Consumer Reports (CR) Recommended, highlighting the best in quality, performance, and reliability. This event aims to provide consumers with the opportunity to purchase top-rated vehicles at exceptional prices, reinforcing both Consumer Reports’ and Kia’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

“YGS is thrilled to bring this partnership together between Consumer Reports and Kia,” said Lori Fromm, VP of YGS Publisher Solutions. “This collaboration underscores our mutual dedication to elevating an already great marketing campaign and monetizing high-quality content provided by Consumer Reports. We look forward to seeing outstanding results and providing exceptional value through this great partnership.”

The 2024 Summer Sticker Sales Event runs through participating Kia dealerships nationwide offering special promotions and incentives on CR Recommended models. Consumers are encouraged to visit their local Kia dealership or the official event website for more information and to take advantage of these limited time offers.