About Services

Event Fulfillment

Do you have an event you’d like to provide awards to winners? We can do that too. With designers on hand to come up with innovative awards that fit your brand, we can offer customized options for you to choose from. Our team understands and can navigate tight deadlines to make sure the award you’ve chosen arrives on time for your big event.

Marketing Strategy

We develop a marketing strategy that starts with prompt, targeted outreach, ensuring your content is top of mind with prospective buyers. Our marketing team supports our sales team with sell sheets, targeted eBlasts, imagery and copy for landing pages and storefronts, and other marketing materials that drive sales.

Account Management

Careful management of your program directly impacts the success of content sales. YGS assigns an account manager to act as a liaison between your internal team and your team at YGS. This model allows for access to collaborative strategy sessions, instant feedback, dashboards, and reporting expertise. Your account manager has a constant pulse on your account through communication with the team and in-depth analysis. Equipped with this data, we make recommendations that will put your revenue on an upward trend.

Custom Awards & Specialty Graphics

To help companies promote and commemorate their achievements, we sell custom, high-quality framed reprints, plaques, and desktop and wall awards that perfectly display your logos or editorial features. Wall, floor, and window graphics; POP displays; banners; and event signage are just a few of the ways we can help companies promote their achievements and extend your brand.

Lead Research

Our CRM has over 250,000 contacts from companies of all sizes across the globe. When we find a sales opportunity or are provided with a list of accolade winners, we first look to our CRM for who to approach for licensing. If we don’t have a contact readily available, our team of researchers uses tools like Zoom Info and LinkedIn to determine who the sales team should be reaching out to at each organization to talk about licensing opportunities.

Specialty & Large-Format Graphics

When your brand needs to make a big and lasting impression, our specialty and large-format graphics are sure to turn heads. From banners and posters with rich colors; to visually stunning wall, window, and floor graphics; to trade show and exhibition displays and banners; interior décor; and anything we can imagine together, our state-of-the-art customized solutions will meet your objectives—on time, on budget, and on brand.

Marketing Automation Portal

When it comes to made-to-order marketing, our MAP technology can support even the largest associations in producing custom marketing materials that are brand-consistent. With just a few clicks from a secure, browser-based portal, this web-to-print solution also offers digital asset management, resource allocation, budget control, inventory monitoring, and an approval process to ensure quality.

Content & Copy

We know how to use words to start a conversation—the right conversation—and keep it going with your members. With the help of our experienced content strategists, editors, and writers, your member magazines, marketing materials, press releases, blogs, social media, and other communications will give your target audiences something to talk about.

Content Management Systems

Managing your website doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming. Let us build you a website that’s easy to use and update, and that includes all the features your members need and expect—blogs, communities, member profiles, messaging, and more. Our team of experts is well versed in the world’s leading content management systems, including WordPress.

Sales Expertise

As a leader in content sales and licensing, our motivated team of sales experts reaches out to featured companies regarding your most valuable editorial. They become personal consultants, helping to match your branded products with their advertising and marketing goals. Led by one of our experienced sales professionals, our account executives are the driving force of our sales and marketing efforts. Strategic outbound sales efforts and personalized electronic communications are executed daily for our publishing partners. With our finger on the pulse of social-commerce strategy, our sales team speaks to your customers about how associating with your brand will propel them in the marketplace.