Developing An
Award-Winning CR Recommended Mark

Revolutionizing Consumer Trust: YGS Builds an Award-Winning Technology Solution for Consumer Reports' CR Recommended Mark


Consumer trust is the cornerstone of brand loyalty and purchasing decisions. In an era dominated by online reviews and recommendations, Consumer Reports (CR) has long been a trusted source for unbiased product evaluations. However, CR faced the challenge of maintaining its relevance and trust in an increasingly digitized marketplace. Recognizing the importance of bridging the gap between physical and digital realms, CR sought a solution to empower consumers with instant access to comprehensive product information at the point of purchase. YGS Publisher Solutions, an accolade and licensing partner and leading technology solutions provider, partnered with CR to develop an innovative solution that seamlessly integrated digital product evaluations with the CR Recommended Mark displayed across digital, print, and retail channels. 


YGS collaborated closely with CR to design and implement a user-friendly system that allowed consumers to access detailed product recommendations in the form of a product-based scannable image that provided detailed reviews during the consumer shopping journey. For those shopping online, the CR Recommended Mark was still accessible and the product reviews were just a click away. The solution was integrated with CR’s existing database of product evaluations, ensuring up-to-date and accurate information in real time. The use of this technology supported additional licensing revenue for CR and included these key features: 

1. QR Code Integration 

2. Comprehensive Information  

3. Trust-Building Measures 

4. Accessibility and Convenience   


The implementation of YGS’s technology solution proved to be a game-changer for Consumer Reports, enhancing consumer trust and increasing visibility while revolutionizing the retail experience. The seamless integration of digital product evaluations with the CR Recommended Mark not only garnered widespread acclaim and recognition, but YGS’s groundbreaking technology for CR’s CR Recommended Mark earned them the 2024 Digiday Award for Best In-store Technology. 

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